What is Anchor Text and Why it’s Important for SEO?

Anchor Text

In SEO, it is very important to have the correct anchor text for backlinks and internal links. We all know how much backlink is important in SEO. But if the right. It is not used in this backlink, then it will not give you positive results in the eyes of SEO. Today we will tell all the things related to Anchor Text in this article of yours, how it can improve the ranking of your blog. What does direct and indirect benefit from it? You find answers to all these questions in our article.

What is Anchor Text?

it is a text that appears in Hyperlink, is highlighted, by clicking on it, a new Target page is opened. Bloggers link their old posts to their new posts through Anchor Text. it is also called link label, Link Text. Anchor Text is mainly underlined text in blue color. You can change its color and underline by making changes in HTML coding. it is a kind of Keyword that gives the search engine the right information about the topic of your web page.

The word that is written in it helps the page to know the ranking obtained by Google.

The link which is without Anchor Text is called Naked Text.

Types of anchor text

exact match

Anchor text is an “exact match” if it contains a keyword that mirrors the page that is being linked. For example link ‘link building’ from a page about link building.

Partial matches

it containing a variation of the keyword on the linked-in page. For example: ‘Link Building Strategy’ linking to a page about link building.


A brand name that is used as anchor text. For example, linking ‘Moses’ to an article on the Moses blog.


A common word or phrase used as an anchor. “Click here” is a generic anchor.


Whenever a picture is linked, Google will use the text contained in the entire feature of the image as an anchor text.

Seo best practices

SEO friendly anchor text is:


Relevant on linked-in page

Low keyword density (not very keyword-heavy) is not normal

Success anchor text

Keep in mind that you often have no control over the anchor text that other sites use to link back to their content. So, most of these best practices will explain how to best use anchor text within your website.

While there is no specific length limit for anchor text, it is possible to keep your link text as short as possible. At the end of the day, however, the words you choose to include in your anchor text must take two main factors into consideration:

What is the most concise, accurate way to describe a linked-in page?

Which word or phrase will encourage users to click on a link?

Goal Page Relevance

As search engines have matured, they have begun to identify more metrics to determine rankings. One metric that is in the middle of the rest is the link relevance, or how the subject of page A relates if the page is a link from one to another. A highly relevant link can improve the likelihood of both page A and page B ranking for questions related to their topic.

Link relevance is a natural phenomenon that occurs when people link to other content on the web. It is determined by:

Source page subject

Content of anchor text on that source page

Links pointing to content related to the topic of the source page are more likely to send a stronger relevance signal than links pointing to unrelated content. For example, a page about the best lattes in Seattle is likely to pass a better relevance signal to Google when it links to a coffee shop website when it links to pictures of baby animals on a site is.

Search engines pay attention to the various anchor text variations being used to link back to the original article and use them as additional indicators of that article – and for which the search query may be relevant. This, in combination with other factors such as natural language processing and link source and information hierarchy, make the lion’s share of link relevance indicators online. To ensure that your links send strong relevance signals, keep your anchor text as descriptive of the target page as possible.

Anchor Text Keyword Density

With the Penguin algorithm update, Google began to look more closely at keywords in the anchor text. If multiple inbound links to the site contain the exact same anchor text, it may begin to appear suspicious and indicate that the links were not obtained naturally. In general, it is best practice to obtain and use keyword- and subject-specific anchor text whenever possible. However, SEOs can achieve better results every time by trying for many more natural anchor text phrases instead of a single keyword.

Anchor Text

Along those lines, an important note: Do not overdo it with keyword-heavy internal links. Internal linking is definitely the recommended best practice but beware of the anchor text you use to link your own pages together. If too many links to a page all use the same anchor text, even if they are on your own site, Google may realize spammy behavior.

We tell you about the good and bad Anchor Text below –

Incorrect Anchor Text – Click Here, Read Here, More Information Here… Writing in your blog like this is totally wrong. Today, most bloggers write in this way, this search engine does not get any technical value from your blog, as well as it does not get the right information about your topic, which makes the SEO rank worse.

Correct Anchor Text – SEO Tips, SEO Benefits, etc. Such target keywords should be used in Anchor Text to make your article more effective.

How can you increase the ranking of your blog through Anchor Text –

Many direct-indirect benefits are provided from SEO through Anchor Text. At the beginning of blogging, it is said that special care should be taken while writing articles so that your article ranking in search engines can be good.

The blogger has to make a habit of putting his old article and his information in his new article through Anchor Text, this will bring more people to his blog.

Anchor Text is not only used in internal links, but it is also used in Outbound Link, Backlink, and Guest Post. Any HyperLink should be written by Anchor Text, this makes it easy for the user to understand, read, and increases traffic to your site by keywords.

What Anchor Text Should Use –

Many people use the same kind of Anchor Text in every article in their blog, which is also very common, which is mostly used by bloggers. For example – if someone’s site name is https://India-view.com/ and we have used the keyword “SEO Tips”. Most SEOs would technically suggest using a link containing “SEO Tips”.

We should make Anchor Text by mixing many types of keywords in our article. Like “SEO tips in Hindi” “SEO for Blog Post” “SEO Online” etc using all these keywords, you can link to the homepage https://India-view.com/. This Anchor Text is different, which is a good and important Keyword (Most search).

Excessive Anchor Text

Using too much internal link in your blog is also wrong. If you use a lot of internal links by creating anchor text with different keywords, then Google will consider it as a Paid Link Building process in your site, and can also penalize your site. Apart from this, every time you use Exact Match Anchor Text, Google will take it as spam.

What is Exact Match Anchor Text?

Exact Match Anchor Text is the one that uses the bean keyword, which is used in its target web page. For example, if we use the keyword “SEO tips” for this page, the hyperlink is www.abcxyz.com/seo-tips. This will be the Exact Match Anchor Text.

Anchor Text Variation –

It is unnatural that someone should link all the pages on their website with the same Anchor Text, meaning everyone has Exact Match Anchor Text. There is a slight difference between all the Anchor Text.

Targeted Anchor Text –

When creating a link for a website, SEO experts choose Anchor Text from the site or page for which Hyperlink is created. And the keywords which will be in this Anchor Text will match the keywords of SEO’s top rank page, the keywords of these top pages are targeted.

Backlink Anchor Text

A backlink is created in another domain, in which the link is yours. Anchor Text of Backlink will be created by another site in which Hyperlink will be from your site. Anchor Text of this backlink will help the search engine so that it can rank the most relevant keyword of the webpage.

Natural Anchor Text vs Unnatural Anchor Text

The use of an excessive amount of Anchor Text in any blog is also wrong, and if there is more One Way Backlink in your site, then all these show signs of Unnatural Anchor Text. Google search engine penalizes such sites that alter Anchor Text, and spoils User Experience.

Natural Anchor Text is one that has good data, links, and Anchor Text.

How to create Anchor Text in WordPress –

Anchor Text

Creating links by writing Anchor Text in WordPress is easy. When you click on the link Add Link to add a hyperlink to any text, a box opens, something like this –

There is an option to write the title (Link Text) on it, this is Anchor Text. You can make it according to yourself. If you want, you can select New Tab, by clicking on this link, it will open in New Tab.

Anchor Text Linking Benefits –

There are 2 types of benefits from this, Direct and Indirect –

We are telling you about Direct Benefits here –

Readers will be told more links on the Internet related to that topic so that they can easily access that web page. This will also reduce the Bounce Rate of the site.

It also increases the average time spent on the reader’s site, as well as page views in the blog.

You should always keep in mind that whenever you link your old article with Anchor Text, that link should be related to your article, otherwise your reader can become Irritate.

Your blog also gets SEO Benefit from Anchor Text. You just have to keep the right ratio between Anchor Keywords.

While linking old articles, in addition to the posts, also internal link the pages. In your blog, do not just connect the home page with the internal article from the rest of the article, keep the internal link of other posts/pages also at time-2.

Through the Anchor Text Title in our blog, we are not helping the reader bus, we are also helping the search engine so that they can understand our site better.

We hope that you have got all the information about Anchor Text in this article and you will be satisfied with it. Apart from this, if you have any information, then share it with us in the comment box, and if you have some questions, you can always comment by asking.

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