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What is the full form of OK? Hello friends, you will often hear this word or you must also use this word in your daily life, which is “OK”. But sometimes a question must have arisen in your mind or it will happen. After all, “OK Full Form?” ok full form objection killed “This is what most of you believe. The word “OK” means. “OK” means “OK”.

But let me say that “OK” means “Okey” is fine. It does not happen. It means something else. Because till date most people feel the same. Okay, full from ok is fine. it happens.

So today we will give you this article “What Is Ok Full form?” After all OK meaning? So you must start reading this article in its entirety.

OK Full Form

The full form of OK is All Correct. OK means everything. When someone asks about your condition, you say I am OK with great comfort. How did this little OK word come in trend and where did it come from, do you know if not, we will tell you.

The little words of these two words have many meanings of OK. However, if one is seen, there are many stories behind the formation of this word. One of them is that about 150 years ago, the wrong spelling of the word gave birth to it. Some people believe that Obida Kelly, a railway staffer, after checking all the documents, used to write the initial letter of his name i.e. OK, from here OK started.

History of Ok – Where did the word OK originate?

The story of the word Ok dates back to 180 years. The term “OK” first used in America. That is, the word Ok originated from the country of America. And the word ok was caused by incorrect pronunciation. Which was used in jest?

In the year 1839 AD, Charles Gordon Greene did it in a funny manner. And he wrote an article in Boston Morning Post which was posted on 23 March 1839.

Oll Korrect mispronounced the word All Correct which was used intentionally as a joke. All Correct means (everything is fine). The short form of Oll Korrect is OK. Which started being used. And the word OK became popular all over America. The word ok became so popular that today the whole world uses this word.

Some FACTS of OK

·         Some different Full Forms of the word OK are considered! Such as All Correct, Okay, Objection Killed, Objection Knock, All Clear.

·         OK came first in the year 1939.

·         OK was used for the first time in an American newspaper. That too on 23 March 1839 and its first meaning is All Correct.

·         All Correct was shortened to a newspaper called the Boston Morning Post.

·         Previously, all corrects were used. Later, I made all the corrects as ok corrects.

Ok, it can also have other full forms.

According to some experts, different forms of the word Ok have been described. Such as: –

·         All correct

·         Okay

·         All clear

·         Objection killed

·         Objection knock

There are different forms of the word OK.

OK is used with different spellings in different countries, it is also used in different books and dictionaries as OK, ok, Ok, Okay and O.K. Is written.

Where do you use the words OK?

Okej                                                              This word is used in Macedonia

Oké                                                              This word is used in Dutch.

Okå                                                              This word is used in Norway.

Ookoo                                                         This word is used in Finland.

k or kk or oka                                              It is used to send messages or chat.

Ôkê                                                              It is used in Vietnam.

Okei                                                            This word is used in Norwegian, Icelandic.

O.K                                                              This word is used in Greek.

So I hope that what is the full form of Ok now. They would have known if you got to learn something in this post. And you have learned. So do share this post with your friends. If you have any question in your mind. So we can comment and ask.

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